Hilary E. Kahn

Assistant Dean for International Education and Global Initiatives, SGIS

Director, Center for the Study of Global Change

Director, Ph.D. Minor in Global Studies

School of Global and International Studies

Indiana University

President, Association of International Education Administrators

Co-director, Key Speaker, Track Leader

Full Biography

Hilary E. Kahn is Director of the Center for the Study of Global Change and Assistant Dean for Strategic Collaborations in the School of Global and International Studies at Indiana University. She is also the Director of the Ph.D. Minor in Global Studies and leads the Framing the Global Project (with IU Press) and the Voices and Visions: Islam and Muslims from a Global Perspective Project. Her areas of research and expertise include global teaching and learning, visual anthropology, grounded global studies, critical social theory, transnational identities, Latin America and the Caribbean, and the internationalization of higher education. Hilary is faculty in International Studies and has taught numerous courses on topics such as issues and approaches to global studies, anthropological theory, ethnographic methods, visual anthropology, intercultural communication, the anthropology of religion, human rights and the arts, and indigenous cultures of Central America and Mexico. By using videoconferencing technology to link with classrooms overseas, she has taught students in Macedonia, Indonesia, and Russia. She also led an international service learning program in Bluefields, Jamaica for many years. In 2009, she received the IU Commission of Multicultural Understanding Faculty Award for promoting multicultural understanding in the classroom, on campus, and in the broader community and the International Studies Faculty Award in recognition for excellence in teaching. She is currently the President-Elect of AIEA (Association of International Education Administrators) and on the Advisory Board for Diversity and Democracy of AAC&U (Association of American Colleges and Universities). She has written multiple articles, chapters and two books: Seeing and Being Seen (U Texas Press, 2006) and Framing the Global: Entry Points for Research (IU Press, 2014). Hilary received her Ph.D. in Anthropology from the University of Buffalo in 2002.